Evenflow Pilates | Instructor


Ryan Roland

Instructor / Owner

born in Buffalo, NY


Merrithew Health & Fitness (2009 - present), Toronto ON

STOTT PILATES Intensive Program: 

Matwork, Reformer, Stability Chair, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Arc Barrel, Spine Corrector


Injury & Special Populations / Post-Rehabilitation


A unique mind-body modality that incorporates creative, lively, exploratory movements based on the latest research in neuromyofascial training


Integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio & strength training - all movements preformed on the Stability Barre


A multi-functional and three-dimensional exercise program that incorporates the science of core-integrated bodyweight training with the use of the Halo Trainer. This program teaches exercises that follow unique progressions or regressions designed to increase functional strength and stability for a client at any level of condition from rehab through to athletic performance training.

specialty workshops:

Pre and Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning, Athletic Conditioning, Golf Conditioning, Group Matwork, Group Equipment



I chose to pursue my Pilates training in the STOTT PILATES method because of its high integrity and diverse perspectives in Pilates and functional fitness. This approach is an evolution of the methods introduced by Joseph Pilates.  My certifications have allowed me to give clients options, to expand their repertoire of skills, and to increase their level of fitness and knowledge in Pilates. I stay current on STOTT PILATES by ongoing participation in continuing educational courses and advanced workshops held in New York City and Toronto especially.  These educational activities not only give me the most current programming concepts to provide for my clients, but the opportunity to share ideas with other fitness professionals world-wide. I believe Pilates is a life-time commitment and what's fascinating is having the ability to learn your body inside and out!


my philosophy:

Among life’s greatest gifts is having the opportunity to do what you love every day. Life’s challenge is to discover what that is, and take necessary steps to achieve it. The lessons of discipline, strength and persistence that are the hallmark of physical fitness are equally applicable in seeking emotional fitness and ultimately, personal happiness.  

My journey as a Pilates Instructor began in 2007.  Along the way I've realized how important it is to maintain a balanced lifestyle, both physically and mentally.  I strongly believe mindful movement holds an umbrella over benefits to physical fitness.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to share this passion through teaching Pilates.  


In Life we succeed by focusing on our strengths, in Pilates we succeed by improving our weaknesses
— Ryan