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Before I begin to discuss my training under Ryan I would like to say a word about Pilates. If you haven’t tried it, do, its trans-formative. I have done lots of sports, lots of types of workouts from running to kickboxing but Pilates changed my body’s shape, made me more coordinated and strong. I started Pilates about 10 years ago, and did DVDs for about a year off and on, I noticed positive changes, including changes in my shape (for the better), increased strength and flexibility. I fell out of doing it and recently started up again and now I have been taking private lessons with Ryan a few times per week for almost approximately 1.5 years. I already knew the benefits of doing Pilates but under Ryan MY BODY HAS TRANSFORMED. I am leaner and stronger than I have ever been, even when I was running marathons in my 20’s. She’s an excellent trainer full stop, but aside from her incredible innate talent two things really make her stand out and I attribute this to her advanced and continuing education: 1) my body is challenged and surprised every session (very challenged ..read: please let me stop I’m dying!) 2) she has a vision for my training, eg. I don’t just show up and workout, she has designed each session to build on the last several session striving towards improving my strength, balance and coordination. Ryan is an incredible trainer and under her direction I have achieved the best health of my life!
— Lara Sucheston, Buffalo, NY
I have been a Pilates client for several years, and I have found Ryan to be the best instructor at bringing fresh, new exercises each and every session. She is tremendous at determining where your body needs improvement and bringing specific, unique activities based on engaging those body parts. I recently tore my hamstring and she utilized several new activities to stretch and strengthen it so I could get on the field sooner. In the 2+ years I’ve gone to her, I’ve never felt better. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious in improving their core and body in general.
— Jim Manzella, East Amherst, NY
RESULTS, lets face it, this is the ultimate goal. Believe me, STOTT PILATES will do it for you. The results are amazing, and it is kind to your body. I’m not saying it’s easy - its not ! It’s just smarter. Hardcore exercise was no longer an option, due to back and neck issues. This is where Ryan and the reformer came into play.
Two years ago, I met Ryan and the reformer, and I was hooked !! It is by far the best results I have seen, and I don’t spend every night at the gym. It is fast and efficient.
Ryan is an amazing instructor, and she taylors each session based on my needs and issues. She is always advancing her knowledge, and her passion is contagious! 5 stars ——- TRY IT!!!
— Joan Maitino, Snyder, NY
I took my first private STOTT PILATES lesson with Ryan in the fall of 2011 and I have been hooked ever since. Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to train with various instructors and Ryan is by far the best I have ever worked with. I cannot imagine training with anyone else. Ryan’s passion for functional fitness and her desire to help me improve and achieve my fitness goals is apparent in every uniquely designed session. Her drive to improve her own Pilates teaching technique propels her to continue her Pilates and fitness education. She always has something new to teach or a prop to add to keep my mind and body guessing. When I workout with Ryan I never do the same workout twice, I never get bored, and I am always challenged. Ryan’s warm and friendly demeanor keep me looking forward to my sessions but it is her kick your a** workouts that have gotten me results. I now stand taller, I am stronger, and I am hooked on Pilates because of Ryan.
— Amanda Behrens, Williamsville, NY
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I would encourage anyone who wants to feel better (as we get older), look better (especially abs!), and gain greater flexibility, to train with Ryan.

Ryan is very passionate about STOTT PILATES and I feel its shows in how she has developed a training program that is specific to my goals and needs. In addition, she carries an excellent attitude that relates well with me.

Become more “Aware” of your body as you move throughout the day, train with Ryan.
— Charles Hahn, Williamsville, NY
I have been attending Private Pilate’s classes with Ryan (Evenflow Pilates) for over a month now and I wanted to take a few minutes to share my experiences since I started drinking the Pilates Kool-Aid. My initial journey began the first day I walked in the door as a “drive-by, walk-in”. I decided to stop in while driving to work to get details on the new Pilates operation in town. I was greeted with a very warm and enthusiastic smile and level of energy that is a contagious part of the image of Evenflow Pilates! It was inspiring and made me want to know more. The cleanliness of the facility, aroma and warm earth tone colors made it a very comfortable place to want to start my journey in becoming fit and more active person in taking care of my body. Ryan was not a pushy sales contact that hooked me; quite the opposite. She educated me with her programs (a brief intro to what Pilates is) and flexible scheduling in her calendar to meet me, one on one, to learn about the details of Evenflow Pilates, at my convenience. After I met to determine my level of interest, Ryan was extremely responsive and helpful and designing a program that was tailored to my needs, not her needs, but to my needs. I felt in making a commitment to Evenflow Pilates that I was in the best hands of a professional. To this day I am amazed with the consistency, the personal attention I am receiving and the level of progress and professionalism I am being provided. I currently am enrolled in a 3 day/week program and each day is incredible progress. The attention to detail in my efforts and technique, I am convinced, is what has helped me to progress at a pace that I can handle. I am enjoying being able to learn and experience the importance of quality health through such a kind and caring person.
— Joe Barrick, Lockport, NY
Just about one year ago, I was driving to work and having the same thoughts run through my mind as they had been for quite some time … “how can I get in better shape?”, “I need to find an exercise program that I can stick with”… when I literally looked over and saw the sign for Evenflow Pilates. I started that next week with Ryan. From the very first day, I loved Ryan and the studio!

Ryan has this wonderful ability to make you feel comfortable the minute you meet her. I was nervous to start, but her enthusiasm for what she does is contagious. Her passion and skilled training are a powerful and impactful combination. She understands how the body works and she treats each client as an individual, customizing a program that targets exactly what needs to be targeted; all while continuing to make the process exciting and new each and every time you walk through the door.

Ryan has not only changed my body, she has changed how I walk, how I sit, how I move, and most important to me, how I look at myself. Because of her, I found a program that I love and want to stick with for a lifetime! Bottom line - she has changed my life!
— Michelle Smith, Pendleton, NY
My experience at Evenflow Pilates has been nothing short of transformative, both physically and mentally. Ryan is an exceptional, passionate trainer, elevating Pilates to an art form through her professional and personalized approach. I have attained a level of physical fitness, balance and elegant movement that I never thought possible through Pilates and it remains the foundation of all of my other fitness activities (running, resistance training,etc.). Having studied Pilates now for close to 10 years, I can unequivocally state that nothing prepares the body better for injury-free athletic conditioning and nobody teaches it better than Ryan.
— Judy Feld, Williamsville, NY
Like many guys who have lifted weights forever, I have read countless articles and books on the topic. I have tremendous respect for the contributions to the science from the likes of Dr. Frederick Hatfield, Arthur Jones, and Mike Mentzer to name a few. I am a past client of a bodybuilding-focused personal trainer, I have explored most types of exercise that have come and gone over the years, and I have spent some time studying martial arts. My question was, what in the world could I possibly learn from Ryan’s sessions that had not already been addressed at some point in my weekend-warrior past? Answer: EVERYTHING!

One concept that Ryan helped me to internalize is that all of those wonderful muscles developed by free weights and machines tie, directly or indirectly, into that deeper complex of muscles known as the core. Despite all of my experience, the true core of my musculature had been largely neglected by conventional resistance training. As I quickly found out, it is possible to become quite strong in a traditional exercise by unintentionally compensating for core muscles. However, strengthening the core will lead to quantum gains in that same exercise, improved stability, and enhanced resistance to injury. Training under Ryan’s keen eye for detail will isolate those critical deep core muscles with sharpshooter precision, and force them to respond. And, between Ryan’s bubbly, effervescent personality and her endless repertoire of exercises, you will have too much fun to notice how hard you are working. I should add that this is training for thinkers, and perhaps not for those who measure the quality of a workout by the buckets of sweat it produces.

Whether you attend Evenflow Pilates as a standalone routine or as a supplement to your regular program, you cannot afford to train without the benefit of Ryan’s brilliant expertise. Register right now before you perform one more rep. Once the secret is out about Evenflow Pilates, you will have an easier time finding a unicorn with a four leaf clover sticking out of its horn than you will an open spot on Ryan’s training schedule. Well worth the trip I make from downtown Buffalo to Pendleton every single time.
— Stacey J. Thomas, Buffalo NY

I’m in my second year with Ryan at Evenflow Pilates.

Every week brings a new challenge, many laughs, a feeling of being well cared for and cared about and most of all, a feeling that I’m doing the right thing for myself and doing it with the right person.

I went to Evenflow knowing that I would eventually need a hip replacement. I wanted to work to get ready for surgery and at the same time, decrease the pain level as naturally as possible.

Ryan has helped me to achieve those goals. Surgery is approaching and in true Ryan style, she has researched the best exercises for my particular needs, she’s figured out how to modify them if I need her to and she’s shown amazing concern for how I’m affected not only at class but through out the week.

I don’t think you’ll ever find anyone more dedicated to their passion than Ryan. She is a true professional. She’s caring, educated, fun and persistent. Going to class weekly is something to look forward to and always a positive experience.

I highly recommend Ryan and Evenflow Pilates. She truly cares about her students and works so hard to make sure their needs are met. I’m a true believer that this system works and it works because Ryan is absolutely amazing at teaching and mentoring.


Finally after a long wait, I’ve had my hip replaced. You may wonder, why I start the testimony for Evenflow Pilates that way…
Ryan Roland has been with me every step of the way on this journey and I credit her with the amazing recovery that I am experiencing.

My surgeon was completely on board with me working with Ryan right up until the week of surgery. He said do what you can!
Ryan researched so much on replacements, she spoke with other professionals and then she went a step further and put a program of exercises that would strengthen me but that I could tolerate; those exercises had to be modified as time went on and my pain became more chronic. She did modify and the results are amazing!

I was up within 2 hours of hitting recovery. Not only was I up, I asked to get up. My nurse was absolutely stunned. She told me she had NEVER had a patient that asked to get up. My core was strong enough to give me excellent balance and I was able to stand squarely on both feet immediately. I also walked and sat in a chair immediately.

The following day, I went to PT, they laughed and asked if I had even had surgery. I was using a walker with no problem and also walked the whole hall with a cane. Something they say is incredibly rare. Did I mention I was also discharged the day after my surgery?

Discharged and assured that because of Ryan’s dedication and expertise, they would allow me to go back to Evenflow within 4 -6 weeks. Normally a release for that type of activity is at least a 3 month wait.

I can navigate stairs, I can get in and out of bed and chairs unassisted. I could do all the exercises that my in-home PT suggested when she got there. As a matter of fact, I was already doing them. I was doing them because they were all part of the plan that Ryan put together and executed for me. The PT professional remarked on the fact that I am so balanced that just 3 days from surgery, I do NOT have a limp. I have also used the breathing exercises I learned from Ryan to help me control pain without drugs. Not that I don’t take a pain killer here and there, I do…I just take less than most people in my shoes.

I am absolutely confident in saying that had I not worked with Ryan for the last 2 years, I would not be enjoying this type of successful recovery. The Dr.’s and nurses call me Superwoman. I really think that title belongs more to Ryan than it does to me.
Her dedication, her tenacity and her caring got me through so much and continue to do so. I can’t wait to get back and I know that in the months to come, I will break all sorts of recovery records!

Thank you so much Ryan, I absolutely could never have felt this good after major surgery without your help. I cannot even adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for all that you do
— Lee Michel, Pendleton NY - Full Anterior Hip Replacement Superstar!
I have been doing Pilates for about 9 months with Ryan and I absolutely love her knowledge and dedication! She takes the time to get to know your individual body; what you need and what works for you. I do 2 private 30 minute sessions a week in addition to my own work out and have gotten great results! I have gone from a size 6 to 4 and can’t wait to see what another year does for my body!
— Dianna Cornell, North Tonawanda NY