"Happy Birthday, My Love!"

When I first opened the studio, I didn’t realize how challenging the days and months ahead would be. I thought that doing what I love and being surrounded by those I love is all it would take to run a successful business.  As long as I continued pursuing my passion, it would be easy. Looking back to my 1st year as a business owner, from my experience, I think it might be more challenging when doing what you love.  There is so much emotion tied to my daily commitments to not only my clients but to myself.  I realized that there will be days that I lack the confidence in what I do, either professionally or personally. Building Evenflow Pilates has allowed me to accept that fact and be ok with it.  I know that I will have bad days even though I’m doing what I love. Dealing with these emotions has only encouraged me to work harder at finding a balance between the highs and lows which to me, is the "core" principle of being successful. With all that said, pursuing Pilates and constructing this business was by far the best move I’ve ever made.

I thank my clients for committing to Pilates. Pilates is not easy and is a lot of work.  It involves every element of your mind and body.  It’s almost like a relationship.  You need a strong foundation for stability.  Your “core” is above all things the most important key in life.

Sending all my love and gratitude to my clients who have not only been my students but my teachers.  You all have become family!

I am very blessed to have the most dedicated clients in the universe!

Cheers to 3 years! XO