On the first anniversary of Evenflow I thought I would reflect a bit on the story of how Evenflow came into being.

At age 32 I never thought I would own a business!

What I did know was that I have a passion for Pilates and the impact it can have on people. Then an opportunity came and I listened to my heart. Instead of focusing on challenges, I reached into the well of confidence and trusted that if I was doing what I loved to do everything would fall into place.

I also knew that whatever the outcome I would be giving my best. I genuinely love people and want to share my passion for what I have learned through the privilege of training with international masters. 

Such have been the main ingredients of this past year.

Thanks to the people who trusted and believed in me I have also learned so much from each of you. 

Above all I've learned that with patience, proper planning and following my intuition this venture will grow however it's meant to grow. 

My deepest thanks to each of you who have walked the path through Evenflow Pilates with me.

Looking foward to another successful year ahead!